In 1999, the town of Sherborn celebrated its 325th Anniversary. The Sherborn Library is the proud repository of many rare and historically significant volumes offering rich information about Sherborn's history and people.

Bardwell, Francis. Historical Sketches of the Town of Sherborn.
Sherborn, Mass.: Sherborn Historical Committee, 1952. 36pp.

Selections from earlier newspaper column. Information on old houses not factually reliable. Reprint of 1788 map and photos of several 19th Century houses. Good on First Settlers and reminiscences.

Biglow, William. History of Sherburne. Mass. from its Incorporation 1674 to the end of the year 1830. Including that of Framingham and Holliston So Far As They Were Constituent Parts of That Town. Milford, Mass. Ballon & Stacy, 1830. 8Opp.

Earliest history of the town. Includes some excerpts from early Town Records which are no longer extant. Much of its information is incorporated in Morse's History.

Morse, Rev. Abner. A Genealogical Register of the Inhabitants and History of the Towns of Sherborn and Holliston. Boston: Danrell & Moore, 1856. 340 pp.

The major source of early town history and genealogy. Includes much information reprinted from Bigelow. Lacks index, sources, bibliography.

Morse, Rev. Abner. Memorial of the Morses.
Boston: William Veazie, 1850. 321pp.

Has 171 pp. of genealogy and 140 pp. of Appendix: history, illustrations and maps. Includes much on 17th Century Sherborn; imap of early town grant and lands changed by 1701. No index.

Shaughnessy, Anne Carr. A Guide to Sherborn. Sherborn, Mass.:
300th Anniversary Committee, 1974. 184 pp.

Brief description and map of many of the older houses, with information about earlier owners. Also drawings, photos,and brief text on old town industries. For factual update on houses see Historical Commission Resource Survey, (1982).

Shaughnessy, Anne Carr. The History of Sherborn. Sherborn, Mass.:300th Anniversary Committee, 1974. 262 pp.

General overall history of the town from 1600's to date of publication. Includes photos, reprinted old maps and documents, bibliography. Lacks reference sources and index.