New Items at the Sherborn Library, February 2017

 e-Resource Grisham, John. The whistler
 e-Resource Lewis, Michael. The undoing project :;A Friendship That Changed Our Minds
 e-Resource Picoult, Jodi. Small great things :;A Novel
 e-Resource Vance, J. D. Hillbilly elegy :;A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
028.9 SC Schwalbe, Will, Books for living
170 SI Singer, Peter, Ethics in the real world :;82 brief essays on things that matter
320.52 HO Hochschild, Arlie Russell, Strangers in their own land :;anger and mourning on the American right
355.02 AR Armitage, David, Civil wars :;a history in ideas
612.8 LE Lewis, Michael The undoing project :;a friendship that changed our minds
796.332 HO Holley, Michael, Belichick and Brady :;two men, the Patriots, and how they revolutionized football
914.531 RI   Rick Steves' Venice
915.2135 FO   Fodor's Tokyo
BIO KELLY Kelly, Megyn, Settle for more
BIO NOAH Noah, Trevor, Born a crime :;stories from a South African childhood
CD FIC CHABON Chabon, Michael, Moonglow :;a novel
CD FIC SULLIVAN Sullivan, Michael J., Theft of swords
FIC ALEXANDER Alexander, V. S., The Magdalen girls
FIC APELFELD Apelfeld, Aharon, The man who never stopped sleeping
FIC AUSTER Auster, Paul, 4 3 2 1 :;a novel
FIC BARRY Barry, Brunonia, The fifth petal :;a novel
FIC BARRY Barry, Sebastian, Days without end :;a novel
FIC DARNIELLE Darnielle, John, Universal harvester
FIC DUMAS Dumas, Alexandre, The Red Sphinx, or, The Comte de Moret
FIC FABIASCHI Fabiaschi, Abby, I liked my life
FIC GOODWIN Goodwin, Daisy, Victoria
FIC HARRIS Harris, Robert, Conclave
FIC HAUSER Hauser, Emily For the most beautiful :;a novel of the women of Troy
FIC HURWITZ Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, The nowhere man
FIC KARAIM Karaim, Reed, The winter in Anna :;a novel
FIC KINSELLA Kinsella, Sophie, My not so perfect life :;a novel
FIC LAMB Lamb, Wally, I'll take you there :;a novel
FIC McCALL SMITH McCall Smith, Alexander, The Bertie project
FIC McLAREN McLaren, Kaya, The road to enchantment
FIC PATCHETT Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth :;a novel
FIC PICOULT Picoult, Jodi, Small great things :;a novel
FIC REZA Reza, Parisa, The gardens of consolation
FIC RUSKOVICH Ruskovich, Emily, Idaho :;a novel
MYS GARDNER Gardner, Lisa, Right behind you :;a novel
MYS HARRIS Harris, Oliver, The house of fame :;a novel
MYS MARK Mark, David Cruel mercy
MYS ROBB Robb, J. D., Echos in death
MYS WOODS Woods, Stuart, Below the belt
LP FIC BALDACCI Baldacci, David, No man's land
J 292 BY Byrd, Robert, Jason and the Argonauts
J 551.55 OS Osborne, Will. Twisters and other terrible storms :;a nonfiction companion to Twister on Tuesday
J 560 LA Lach, William, I am not a dinosaur!
J 577.789 RA Rattini, Kristin Baird. Coral reefs
J 590 JE Jenkins, Steve, Animals by the numbers :;a book of infographics
J 591.5 JE Jenkins, Steve, Flying frogs and walking fish :;leaping lemurs, tumbling toads, jet-propelled jellyfish, and more surprising ways that animals move
J 597.3 PA Pallotta, Jerry. Hammerhead vs. bull shark
J 597.9 HO Howell, Catherine Herbert, Reptiles & amphibians
J 599.5 PA Pallotta, Jerry. Whale vs. giant squid
J 599.75 PA Pallotta, Jerry. Lion vs. tiger
J 599.759 ES Esbensen, Barbara Juster. Swift as the wind :;the cheetah
J 599.7632 GI Gish, Melissa, Raccoons
J 599.78 PA Pallotta, Jerry. Polar bear vs. grizzly bear
J 635.9 KU Kuskowski, Alex. Super simple fairy gardens :;a kid's guide to gardening
J 688 AN Anton, Carrie, American girl :;ultimate visual guide : a celebration of the American Girl story
J 796.332 GI Gilbert, Sara. The story of the NFL
J 796.332 SC Scheff, Matt, New England Patriots
J 796.357 TU Tustison, Matt, 12 reasons to love the Boston Red Sox
J 808 GI Giff, Patricia Reilly, Writing with Rosie :;you can write a story too
J 917.44 CA Canasi, Brittany, Boston
J 940.54 OL Olson, Tod, Lost in the Pacific, 1942 :;not a drop to drink
J 943.086 FR Freedman, Russell, We will not be silent :;the White Rose student resistance movement that defied Adolf Hitler
J 949.12 MI Miller, Jennifer A. Iceland
J 951.95 MI Miller, Jennifer A. South Korea
J 956.1 DO Donaldson, Madeline. Turkey
J 966.7 LA Larson, Lyn. Ghana
J 986.1 BL Blackford, Cheryl. Colombia
J ANGLEBERGER Angleberger, Tom, Rocket and Groot :;stranded on Planet Strip Mall!
J BIO BANNEKER Keller, Shana, Ticktock Banneker's clock
J BIO GINSBURG Levy, Debbie, I dissent :;Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes her mark
J BIO NIGHTINGALE Reef, Catherine, Florence Nightingale :;the courageous life of the legendary nurse
J BIO ONASSIS Bader, Bonnie, Who was Jacqueline Kennedy?
J BIO THOREAU Smith, Corinne Hosfeld, Henry David Thoreau for kids :;his life and ideas, with 21 activities
J BIO THORPE Sheinkin, Steve, Undefeated :;Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football team
J BOARD NIGHTY Patricelli, Leslie. Nighty-night
J DUMAS Dumas, Firoozeh, It ain't so awful, falafel
J DVD BARBIE   Barbie, star light adventure
J DVD DC   DC superhero girls :;hero of the year
J DVD KUBO   Kubo and the two strings
J DVD LEGO   Lego friends.;Always together
J DVD MIDDLE   Middle school :;the worst years of my life
J DVD MIDDLE   Middle school;[videorecording] :;the worst years of my life
J DVD PAW   Paw patrol.;Sports day!
J DVD SURF   Surf's up.;2
J GRAPHIC GERSTEIN Gerstein, Mordicai, I am Pan!
[Series] J HARRIS Harris, Teresa E., Gabriela
J ROWLING Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
J SLOAN Sloan, Holly Goldberg Shor
J(E) ELLIOTT Elliott, Rebecca, Eva sees a ghost
J(E) ELLIOTT Elliott, Rebecca, Eva's treetop festival
J(E) STAR WARS Beecroft, Simon. Star wars.;Death Star battles
JP CAMPOY Campoy, F. Isabel, Maybe something beautiful :;how art transformed a neighborhood
JP ELLIS Ellis, Carson, Du iz tak?
JP ERING Ering, Timothy Basil, The unexpected love story of Alfred Fiddleduckling
JP GRAFF Graff, Lisa It is not time for sleeping :;(a bedtime story)
JP HIRST Hirst, Daisy, Alphonse, that is not ok to do!
JP JUDGE Judge, Lita, Hoot and Peep
JP KIERNAN Kiernan, Pat, Good morning, city
JP KNAPMAN Knapman, Timothy, Dinosaurs don't have bedtimes!
JP LEROY Leroy, Jean, Stripes the tiger
JP LITCHFIELD Litchfield, David, The bear and the piano
JP LONG Long, Matty, Super Happy Magic Forest
JP MARTIN Martin, Bill, Listen to our world
JP MARTIN Martin, Bill, Spunky little monkey
JP MATHESON Matheson, Christie, Plant the tiny seed
JP MEDINA Medina, Juana, ABC pasta :;an entertaining alphabet
JP O'LEARY O'Leary, Sara, You are Two
JP OTOSHI Otoshi, Kathryn, Beautiful hands
JP PARK Park, Linda Sue, Yaks yak :;animal word pairs
JP PEPPA   Peppa Pig and the camping trip
JP REAGAN Reagan, Jean, How to babysit a grandma
JP ROCKWELL Rockwell, Anne F. Let's go to the hardware store
JP ROCKWELL Rockwell, Anne F., Zoo day
JP SLOAT Sloat, Teri, Pablo in the snow
JP WON Won, Brian, Hooray for today!
JP YOUNG Young, Ed, The cat from Hunger Mountain
[Holiday] JP LEVITIN Levitin, Sonia, A sound to remember
DVD ACCOUNTANT   The accountant
DVD BIRTH   The birth of a nation
DVD DEEPWATER   Deepwater horizon
DVD GIRL   The girl on the train
DVD HOMELAND   Homeland.;The complete fifth season
DVD JACK   Jack Reacher.;Never go back
DVD MAGNIFICENT   The magnificent seven
DVD MAN   En man som heter Ove =;A man called Ove
DVD MISS   Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children
DVD QUEEN   Queen of Katwe
YA DVD MISS   Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children
REF 348.744 MA   Massachusetts general laws annotated.;Interim annotation service
REF 352 MA   Municipal financial data
REF 378.155 PE   Peterson's graduate and professional programs, an overview
REF 920 CU   Current biography yearbook
YA AVEYARD Aveyard, Victoria, King's cage
YA BRACKEN Bracken, Alexandra, Wayfarer
YA CAST Cast, P. C., Moon chosen
YA GARBER Garber, Stephanie. Caraval
YA GILES Giles, Jeff. The edge of everything
YA GRACEFFA Graceffa, Joey, Children of Eden :;a novel
YA GRAPHIC MEYER Meyer, Marissa, Wires and nerve.;Volume 1
YA JOHNSTON Johnston, E. K., Star Wars Ahsoka
YA PUNG Pung, Alice, Lucy and Linh
YA REYNOLDS Reynolds, Jason, Ghost
YA ROTH Roth, Veronica, Carve the mark
YA WILLIAMS Williams, Carol Lynch, Messenger