New Acquisitions, July 2017

153.4 NY Nye, Bill, Everything all at once :;[how to unleash your inner nerd, tap into radical curiosity, and solve any problem]
158.1 ST Stulberg, Brad, Peak performance :;elevate your game, avoid burnout, and thrive with the new science of success
305.8 RO Rothstein, Richard, The color of law :;a forgotten history of how our government segregated America
612.8 SA Sapolsky, Robert M., Behave :;the biology of humans at our best and worst
781.64 MacM MacMahon, Bernard, American epic :;when music gave America her voice
808.042 DA Danticat, Edwidge, The art of death :;writing the final story
818.54 SC Scottoline, Lisa, I need a lifeguard everywhere but the pool
940.5404 HE Henderson, Bruce B., Sons and soldiers :;the untold story of the Jews who escaped the Nazis and returned with the U.S. Army to fight Hitler
941.084 RI Ricks, Thomas E., Churchill and Orwell :;the fight for freedom
BIO THOREAU Walls, Laura Dassow, Henry David Thoreau :;a life
CD FIC HONEYMAN Honeyman, Gail, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine :;a novel
CD FIC SILVA Silva, Daniel, House of spies
FIC BROCKMANN Brockmann, Suzanne, Some kind of hero :;a Troubleshooters novel
FIC BROWN, Janelle Brown, Janelle, Watch me disappear :;a novel
FIC CANTERO Cantero, Edgar, Meddling kids :;a novel
FIC CHASE Chase, Eve, The Wildling sisters
FIC CLEMMONS Clemmons, Zinzi, What we lose :;a novel
FIC COLGAN Colgan, Jenny, The café by the sea :;a novel
FIC DAWKINS Dawkins, Curtis, The Graybar Hotel :;stories
FIC DEE Dee, Jonathan Locals: a nove
FIC GREEN Green, Jane, The sunshine sisters
FIC HUNTLEY Huntley, Swan, The goddesses :;a novel
FIC IVES Ives, Lucy, Impossible views of the world
FIC JEMC Jemc, Jac The Grip of I
FIC KLAM Klam, Matthew, Who is Rich? :;a novel
FIC McKAY McKay, Ami, The witches of New York :;a novel
FIC MELAMED Melamed, Jennie, Gather the daughters :;a novel
FIC MIZUMURA Mizumura, Minae, Inheritance from mother :;a novel
FIC OSBORNE Osborne, Lawrence, Beautiful animals :;a novel
FIC PERROTTA Perrotta, Tom, Mrs. Fletcher :;a novel
FIC PULLEY Pulley, Natasha The Bedlam Stack
FIC REID Reid, Taylor Jenkins, The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo :;a novel
FIC ROBOTHAM Robotham, Michael, The secrets she keeps :;a novel
FIC ROSE Rose, M. J., The library of light and shadow :;a novel
FIC RYAN Ryan, Donal, All we shall know
FIC SCHMIDT Schmidt, Sarah, See what I have done
FIC SEIFFERT Seiffert, Rachel, A boy in winter
FIC SILVA Silva, Daniel, House of spies
FIC STERNBERGH Sternbergh, Adam. The Blinds
FIC WALKER Walker, Wendy, Emma in the night
FIC WARE Ware, Ruth, The lying game
MYS ATKINS Atkins, Ace, The fallen
MYS BOX Box, C. J., Paradise valley
MYS CASTILLO Castillo, Linda, Down a dark road
MYS CONNELLY Connelly, Michael, The late show
MYS McCALL SMITH McCall Smith, Alexander, A distant view of everything
MYS PETERS Peters, Elizabeth, The painted queen
MYS ROSENFELT Rosenfelt, David, Collared
SCI FI WILSON Wilson, Daniel H. The clockwork dynasty :;a novel
LP FIC MELOY Meloy, Maile, Do not become alarmed :;a novel
[SPEED READ] MYS CASTILLO Castillo, Linda, Down a dark road
J 567.9 AR   Armored Ankylosaurus
[Series] J AMERICAN Z YANG Calonita, Jen, The real Z
J BEATTY Beatty, Robert, Serafina and the splintered heart
J BOARD ALPHAPRINTS Powell, Sarah Alphaprints :;1 2 3
J BOARD BROWN Martin, Bill, Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? :;silde and find
J BOARD DISNEY Cregg, R. J., Meet Catboy!
J BOARD I SPY Gibbs, Edward, I spy on the farm
J BOWER Bower, Eric, The magnificent flying Baron estate
J BURGIS Burgis, Stephanie, The dragon with a chocolate heart
J CARTER Carter, Aimée, Simon Thorn and the wolf's den
J CD FIC GIDWITZ Gidwitz, Adam, The Inquisitor's tale, or, the three magical children and their holy dog
J COLE Cole, Henry, Brambleheart :;a story about finding treasure and the unexpected magic of friendship
J COLFER Colfer, Chris, The land of stories :;worlds collide
J CROWLEY Crowley, Cath, Words in deep blue
[Series] J DIXON #2 Adventures Dixon, Franklin W., Mystery of the phantom heist
[Series] J DIXON #3 Dixon, Franklin W., The vanishing game
J DVD BARBIE   Barbie Fairytopia.;Mermaidia
J DVD BOSS   The boss baby
J DVD ODD   Odd squad :;the movie
J DVD PJ   PJ Masks.;Let's go PJ Masks!
J DVD SCIGIRLS   SciGirls.;Seasons 1 & 2
J DVD SID   Sid the science kid.;Season 1 volume 2,;Observe & explore with Sid the science kid
J DVD SMURFS   Smurfs, the lost village
J ENGLISH English, Karen, It all comes down to this
J GRAPHIC ELIOPOULOS Eliopoulos, Chris, Cosmic commandos
J GRAPHIC HOLM   Comics Squad.;Detention!
J GRAPHIC POKEMON Kusaka, Hidenori, Pokémon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
J GRAPHIC RENNER Renner, Benjamin, The big bad fox
J GRAPHIC STAR WARS Krosoczka, Jarrett, The force oversleeps
J GRAPHIC TOON Coudray, Philippe, Benjamin Bear in Brain storms!
J GRAPHIC TOON Coudray, Philippe. Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy thinking :;a Toon book
J GRAPHIC TOON Davis, Eleanor. Stinky
J GRATZ Gratz, Alan, Refugee
J GUTMAN Gutman, Dan, Ms. Joni is a phony!
J HAHN Hahn, Mary Downing, One for sorrow :;a ghost story
J HARROLD Harrold, A. F., The song from somewhere else
J HEROES #10 Holub, Joan, Hephaestus and the island of terror
J HEROES #11 Holub, Joan, Uranus and the bubbles of trouble
J HEROES #13 West, Tracey, Hermes and the horse with wings
J HEROES #2 Holub, Joan. Poseidon and the sea of fury
J HEROES #3 Holub, Joan, Hades and the Helm of Darkness
J HEROES #5 Holub, Joan. Typhon and the winds of destruction
J HEROES #6 Holub, Joan. Apollo and the battle of the birds
J HEROES #8 Holub, Joan, Cronus and the threads of dread
J HOLM Holm, Jennifer L., Lights, camera, middle school!
J HORWITZ Horwitz, Sarah Jean, The Wingsnatchers
J JOHNSON Johnson, Terry Lynn, Overboard!
J KORMAN Korman, Gordon, Criminal destiny
J KORMAN Korman, Gordon, Payback
J KRISHNASWAMI Krishnaswami, Uma, Book Uncle and me
J LITTLEWOOD Littlewood, Kathryn. Bliss
J McCALL SMITH McCall Smith, Alexander, The sands of Shark Island
J MESSENGER Messenger, Shannon. Keeper of the lost cities
J MULL Mull, Brandon, Crystal keepers
J MYS OH Oh, Ellen, Spirit hunters
J O'BRIEN O'Brien, Anne Sibley, In the shadow of the sun
J QUINN Quinn, Jordan. The lost stone
J QUINN Quinn, Jordan, The scarlet dragon
J QUINN Quinn, Spencer, Arf :;a Bowser and Birdie novel
J QUINN Quinn, Spencer, Arf :;a Bowser and Birdie novel
J RIORDAN Riordan, Rick, The dark prophecy
J SCHMIDT Schmidt, Annie M. G., The cat who came in off the roof
J SLOAN Sloan, Holly Goldberg, Appleblossom the possum
J STANDISH Standish, Ali, The Ethan I was before
J SUTHERLAND Sutherland, Tui, Darkness of dragons
J THOMAS Thomas, Scarlett, Dragon's Green
J(E) ANDREWS Andrews, Alexa. At the beach
J(E) DEPKEN Depken, Kristen L., Sing your song!
J(E) DISNEY Pendergrass, Daphne, PJ Masks save the library!
J(E) EDGAR Edgar, Amy, Here, kitty, kitty
J(E) ELLIOTT Elliott, Rebecca, Eva and the new owl
J(E) MANUSHKIN Manushkin, Fran, Pedro for president
J(E) MAYER Mayer, Mercer, Just an adventure at sea
JP BERGMANN Bergmann, Andy, The starry giraffe
JP DAHL Dahl, Michael, Be a star, Wonder Woman!
JP DAYWALT Daywalt, Drew, The legend of rock paper scissors
[Juv. Interest Coll.] JP DISNEY   Princess bedtime stories
JP EATON Eaton, Jason Carter, Great, now we've got barbarians!
JP JACKSON Jackson, Richard, In plain sight
JP JUSTER Juster, Norton, Neville
JP MURRAY Murray, Diana, Doris the bookasaurus
JP PENDZIWOL Pendziwol, Jean, Me and you and the red canoe
JP PORTIS Portis, Antoinette, Now
JP REAGAN Reagan, Jean, How to get your teacher ready
JP REY Rey, Margret. Curious George goes to the hospital
JP RYLANT Rylant, Cynthia, Life
JP SANFORD Sanford, Sally Allis, Henry and the huckleberries :;a visit with Mr. Thoreau at Walden Pond : based on a true story
JP SHEA Shea, Bob, The scariest book ever
JP TEAGUE Teague, Mark, Jack and the beanstalk and the french fries
[Newbery] J PBK BRITTAIN Brittain, Bill, The wish giver :;three tales of Coven Tree
J PBK KLIMO Klimo, Kate, Tiny Tim
J PBK McMULLAN McMullan, Kate. The New kid at school
J PBK McMULLAN McMullan, Kate. Revenge of the dragon lady
J PBK McNAMARA McNamara, Margaret. Sylva and the Fairy Ball
J PBK MULL Mull, Brandon, Fablehaven
J PBK SLEATOR Sleator, William. Singularity
J PBK STERN Stern, A. J. Check, please!
J PBK STERN Stern, A. J. Doggy day care
J PBK STERN Stern, A. J. Frankly, Frannie
J PBK STINE Stine, R. L., Attack of the Jack!
DVD BERLIN   Berlin syndrome
DVD CIRCLE   The Circle
DVD FIST   Fist fight
DVD GET   Get out
DVD KONG   Kong :;Skull Island
DVD LOST   The lost city of Z
DVD ZOOKEEPER   The zookeeper's wife
YA DVD POWER   Power Rangers
REF 330 GR   Greater MetroWest economic profile 2017 :;25th annual conference : celebrating 25 years of MERC: growth in greater MetroWest
REF 378.73 BA   Barron's profiles of American colleges
[Teen Interest Coll.] YA 158.1 SI Singh, Lilly, How to be a bawse :;a guide to conquering life
[Teen Interest Coll.] YA 305.235 BI Bialik, Mayim, Girling up :;how to be strong, smart and spectacular
YA ABDEL-FATTAH Abdel-Fattah, Randa, The lines we cross
YA ALI Ali, S. K., Saints and misfits
YA BARR Barr, Emily, The one memory of Flora Banks
[Teen Interest Coll.] YA BIO LEE Lee, Sungju, Every falling star :;the true story of how I survived and escaped North Korea
YA DAWN Dawn, Sasha, Splinter
YA DE LA CRUZ De la Cruz, Melissa, Alex & Eliza :;a love story
YA GRAPHIC HICKS Hicks, Faith Erin, The Nameless City
YA GRAY Gray, Claudia, Defy the stars
YA JUBY Juby, Susan, The fashion committee :;a novel of art, crime and applied design
YA KARIM Karim, Sheba, That thing we call a heart
YA LEE Lee, Mackenzi, The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue
YA LOVESTAM Lövestam, Sara, Wonderful feels like this
YA MAIZEL Maizel, Rebecca, Between us and the moon