New Aquisitions, April, 2017

153.42 RY Ryan, James E. Wait, what? :;and life's other essential questions
155.937 SA Sandberg, Sheryl, Option B :;facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy
158.1 McR McRaven, William H. Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...and Maybe the Worl
294.3444 BS Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, The book of joy :;lasting happiness in a changing world
306.6 GO Gorski, Philip S., American covenant :;a history of civil religion from the Puritans to the present
320.12 MA Marshall, Tim, Prisoners of geography :;ten maps that explain everything about the world
641.22 BO Bosker, Bianca, Cork dork :;a wine-fueled adventure among the obsessive sommeliers, big bottle hunters, and rogue scientists who taught me to live for taste
641.5 CL Clark, Melissa, Dinner :;changing the game
641.5676 OT Ottolenghi, Yotam. Jerusalem :;a cookbook
641.5676 OT Ottolenghi, Yotam. Jerusalem :;a cookbook
917.1354 FO   Fodor's ... Toronto
973.73 SE Sears, Stephen W. Lincoln's lieutenants :;the high command of the Army of the Potomac
974.492 TA Taber, Gladys Bagg, My own Cape Cod
FIC ASLAM Aslam, Nadeem, The golden legend
FIC BLAUNER Blauner, Peter, Proving ground
FIC CALETTI Caletti, Deb, What's become of her :;a novel
FIC CAMERON Cameron, W. Bruce, A dog's way home
FIC COCOZZA Cocozza, Paula How to Be Huma
FIC CRAIG Craig, Charmaine, Miss Burma
FIC EL AKKAD El Akkad, Omar, American war
FIC FERRIS Ferris, Joshua, The dinner party and other stories
FIC GODDARD Goddard, Robert, The ends of the earth :;a James Maxted thriller
FIC KIERNAN Kiernan, Stephen P., The baker's secret :;a novel
FIC LUDWIG Ludwig, Benjamin Ginny Moo
FIC McMAHON McMahon, Jennifer, Burntown :;a novel
FIC STEEL Steel, Danielle, Against all odds :;a novel
FIC WAXMAN Waxman, Abbi The Garden of Small Beginning
MYS CLEEVES Cleeves, Ann, Cold earth
MYS STABENOW Stabenow, Dana. Less than a treaso
MYS WELSH Welsh, Kaite, The wages of sin
J 005.1 WA Wainewright, Max, 20 games to create with Scratch
J 355.8 WI Winter, Jonah, The secret project
J 591.5 CA Castaldo, Nancy F. Beastly brains :;exploring how animals think, talk, and feel
J 594.96 DE De la Be̹doyeÌ⁰re, Camilla, Octopus
J 599.76 MA Markle, Sandra, The search for Olinguito :;discovering a new species
J 599.769 NE Newman, Patricia, Sea otter heroes :;the predators that saved an ecosystem
J 612 WI Wicks, Maris, Human body theater :;a nonfiction revue
J 636.7 GA Gagne, Tammy, The dog encyclopedia for kids
J 720.9 WI Wing, Natasha, When Jackie saved Grand Central :;the true story of Jacqueline Kennedy's fight for an American icon
J 745.59 BE Bernhardt, Carolyn, Duct tape costumes
J 795.4 HO Ho, Oliver. The ultimate book of family card games
J 796 AL Alexander, Kwame, The playbook :;52 rules to aim, shoot, and score in this game called life
J 796.357 DO Doeden, Matt, The Negro Leagues
J 811 AL Alexander, Kwame, Animal ark :;celebrating our wild world in poetry and pictures
J 811 OL Oliver, Lin, Steppin' out :;jaunty rhymes for playful times
J ANGLEBERGER Angleberger, Tom, Fuzzy
J ANGLEBERGER Angleberger, Tom, Rocket and Groot :;keep on truckin'
J ATKINS Atkins, Jeannine, Finding wonders :;three girls who changed science
J BENEDIS-GRAB Benedis-Grab, Daphne, Army brats
J BERTMAN Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss, The unbreakable code
J BIO BALL Pollack, Pam, Who was Lucille Ball?
J BIO BLANCHARD Smith, Matthew Clark, Lighter than air :;Sophie Blanchard, the first woman pilot
J BIO LANGE Weatherford, Carole Boston, Dorothea Lange :;the photographer who found the faces of the depression
J BIO LEWIS Asim, Jabari, Preaching to the chickens :;the story of young John Lewis
J BIO MANTLE Winter, Jonah, Mickey Mantle :;the Commerce Comet
J BIO RIDE O'Shaughnessy, Tam E., Sally Ride :;a photo biography of America's pioneering woman in space
J BIO SOTOMAYOR Stine, Megan, Who is Sonia Sotomayor?
J BLACKWOOD Blackwood, Sage, Miss Ellicott's school for the magically minded
J BOARD ONE Davenport, Maxine, 123 counting
J BROWN Brown, Peter, The wild robot
J CAO Cao, Wenxuan, Bronze and Sunflower
J COHEN Cohen, Marina, The doll's eye
J DONOGHUE Donoghue, Emma, The Lotterys plus one
J DOOLEY Dooley, Sarah, Ashes to Asheville
J DURST Durst, Sarah Beth, Journey across the Hidden Islands
J DYER Dyer, Heather, Magic in the city
J FLEMING Fleming, Anne, The goat
J FRANK Frank, Steven, Armstrong & Charlie
J FROST Frost, Helen, When my sister started kissing
J GARLICK Garlick, Nicholas, Storm horse
J GEORGE George, Jessica Day, Saturdays at sea
J GIBBS Gibbs, Stuart, Panda-monium
J GIFF Giff, Patricia Reilly. Genevieve's war
J GOODMAN Goodman, Carol, The Metropolitans
J GRAPHIC HALE Hale, Nathan, One trick pony
J GRAPHIC McCLOSKEY McCloskey, Kevin, Something's fishy
J GRAPHIC POKEMON Kusaka, Hidenori, Pokémon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
J GRIFFITHS Griffiths, Andy, The 65-story treehouse
J GUTMAN Gutman, Dan, The Titanic mission
J KELLY Kelly, Erin Entrada, Hello, universe
J KORMAN Korman, Gordon. Framed
J KORMAN Korman, Gordon, Unleashed
J LAMBERT Lambert, Mary E., Family game night and other catastrophes
J LAUREN Lauren, Ruth, Prisoner of ice and snow
J LEWIS Lewis, Gill, Gorilla dawn
J McGHEE McGhee, Holly M., Matylda, bright & tender
J MYRACLE Myracle, Lauren, The forgetting spell :;a Wishing Day novel
[Series] J MYS WARNER Warner, Gertrude Chandler, Hidden in the haunted school
J PASTIS Pastis, Stephan, The cat stole my pants
J PATTERSON Patterson, James, School of laughs
[Series] J PBK HARRIS Harris, Teresa E., Gabriela speaks out
J PILKEY Pilkey, Dav, The adventures of Super Diaper Baby :;the first epic novel
J RIORDAN Riordan, Rick, Camp Half-Blood confidential :;your real guide to the demigod training camp
J RIORDAN Riordan, Rick, The dark prophecy
J RODKEY Rodkey, Geoff, The Tapper twins go viral
J RYLANT Rylant, Cynthia, The lighthouse family :;the sea lion
J TARSHIS Tarshis, Lauren, Tornado terror
J TASHJIAN Tashjian, Janet, My life as a ninja
J THOMPSON Thompson, Lisa The goldfish boy
J TOBIN Tobin, Paul, How to outsmart a billion robot bees
J TREVAYNE Trevayne, Emma, The house of months and years
J WALDEN Walden, Mark, Deadlock
J WATSON Watson, Tom, Stick Cat: Cats in the Cit
J(E) KULLING Kulling, Monica, Alexander Hamilton :;from orphan to founding father
JP AGEE Agee, Jon, Life on Mars
JP ASHER Asher, Sandy, Chicken story time
JP BARNETT Barnett, Mac, Triangle
JP BUSCH Busch, Miriam, Raisin, the littlest cow
JP CLARKE Clarke, Jane Old MacDonald's Things That G
JP DEAN Dean, Kim, Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes
JP FALCONER Falconer, Ian, Olivia the spy
JP FREDRICKSON Fredrickson, Lane. Monster Trouble
JP FUCILE Fucile, Tony, Poor Louie
JP FURROW Furrow, Eva, Take your time :;a tale of Harriet, the Galapagos tortoise
JP GALL Gall, Chris, NanoBots
JP GEHL Gehl, Laura. Peep and Egg :;I'm not hatching
JP HIGGINS Higgins, Ryan T., Be quiet!
JP JENKINS Jenkins, Steve, Move!
JP JO Jo, Seon-hak, Let's go on a picnic! :;the art of Millet
JP JOHN John, Jory, I will chomp you!
JP McGILL McGill, Erin, I do not like Al's hat
JP McKELLAR McKellar, Danica, Goodnight, numbers!
JP OH Oh, Hyeon-gyeong, How does it protect itself?
JP PAQUETTE Paquette, Ammi-Joan, Bunny Bus
JP PEPPA   Peppa Pig and the backyard circus
JP PETT Pett, Mark. The girl who never made mistakes
JP PLOURDE Plourde, Lynn, Bella's fall coat
JP REY Rey, H. A. Curious George plays soccer
JP ROTNER Rotner, Shelley, Hello spring!
JP SIDMAN Sidman, Joyce, Round
JP SILVESTRO Silvestro, Annie. Bunny's book club
JP TAFT Taft, Jean, Worm weather
JP WAN Wan, Joyce, The whale in my swimming pool
JP YOLEN Yolen, Jane, How do dinosaurs choose their pets?
JP YOLEN Yolen, Jane, How do dinosaurs stay safe?
JP YOUNG Young, Amy, A unicorn named Sparkle
[Holiday] JP DEAN Dean, Kim, Pete the cat :;big Easter adventure
[Holiday] JP WAYLAND Wayland, April Halprin, More than enough :;a passover story
J PBK BERK Berk, Sheryl, Hugs and sprinkles
J PBK DAVIDSON Davidson, Zanna, Magic necklace
J PBK DAVIDSON Davidson, Zanna, Midnight escape
J PBK HESSE Hesse, Karen. Witness
J PBK STANISZEWSKI Staniszewski, Anna. The prank list
DVD 362.175 BE   Being mortal
DVD DOG   A dog's purpose
DVD NOCTURNAL   Nocturnal animals
REF 016 PU   Public library core collection.;Nonfiction :;a selection guide to reference books and adult nonfiction
REF 353.97 MA   The Massachusetts political almanac
REF 373.222 PE   Private secondary schools
REF 734.4 GU   A Guide book of United States coins
[Sherborn shelf] REF 974.44 SH   Annual report of the Town Officers, Sherborn, Massachusetts
[Sherborn shelf] REF 974.44 SH   Annual report of the Town Officers, Sherborn, Massachusetts
YA ALBERTALLI Albertalli, Becky, The upside of unrequited
YA ANDERSON Anderson, Natalie C., City of saints & thieves
YA BALDACCI Baldacci, David, The width of the world
YA BLAKE Blake, Elly, Frostblood
YA BRASHARES Brashares, Ann, The whole thing together
YA CHUPECO Chupeco, Rin, The bone witch
YA GERBER Gerber, Alyson, Braced
YA GILES Giles, L. R. Overturned
YA HAMILTON Hamilton, Alwyn, Traitor to the throne
YA KONIGSBERG Konigsberg, Bill, Honestly Ben
YA NIELSEN Nielsen, Jennifer A., Wrath of the storm
YA NIX Nix, Garth, Frogkisser!
YA REICHS Reichs, Brendan, Nemesis
YA ROTHFUSS Rothfuss, Patrick, Name of the wind :;the kingkiller chronicle : day one
YA SHOWALTER Showalter, Gena, Firstlife
YA TAYLOR Taylor, Laini, Strange the dreamer
YA WEIN Wein, Elizabeth, The pearl thief
YA WESTON Weston, Carol, Speed of life