New Items in March, 2017

152.4 BA Barrett, Lisa Feldman, How emotions are made :;the secret life of the brain
598.07 BU Burton, Robert, Audubon North American birdfeeder guide
612.67 BL Blackburn, Elizabeth H. The telomere effect :;a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer
728.37 ZE Zeiger, Mimi. Tiny houses
759.13 BUSH Bush, George W. Portraits of courage :;a commander in chief's tribute to America's warriors
909.0963 DA Davis, Jack E., The Gulf :;the making of an American sea
914.371 FO   Fodor's Pragu
919.804 WA Watson, Paul, Ice ghosts :;the epic hunt for the lost Franklin expedition
920 SA Sankovitch, Nina, The Lowells of Massachusetts :;an American family
956.91 MA Malek, Alia, The home that was our country :;a memoir of Syria
CD FIC WARE Ware, Ruth, The woman in cabin 10 :;a novel
FIC CUSK Cusk, Rachel, Transit
FIC GRODSTEIN Grodstein, Lauren, Our short history
FIC HAMID Hamid, Mohsin, Exit west :;a novel
FIC KIDD Kidd, Jess, Himself :;a novel
FIC KLINE Kline, Christina Baker, A Piece of the World :;A Novel
FIC LICO ALBANESE Lico Albanese, Laurie, Stolen beauty :;a novel
FIC LODATO Lodato, Victor, Edgar and Lucy :;a novel
FIC MARTIN Martin, George R. R. A game of thrones
FIC PELLETIER Pelletier, Stacia. Half wives
FIC REVE Reve, Gerard, The evenings :;a winter's tale
MYS CARTER Carter, Miranda, The Devil's feast
MYS PATTISON Pattison, Eliot, Skeleton God
LP 305.562 VA Vance, J. D., Hillbilly elegy :;a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
J 005.1 WO Woodcock, Jon, Coding games in Scratch
J 028 SC Schulze, Bianca, 101 books to read before you grow up :;the must-read book list for kids
J 507.8 FE Felix, Rebecca, Mini science fun
J 523.8 RO Roland, James, Black holes :;a space discovery guide
J 530.8 PL Pluckrose, Henry, Length
J 560 RA Rake, Matthew. Prehistoric predators
J 591.568 HI Hirsch, Rebecca E, Thousand-mile fliers and other amazing migrators
J 591.68 Hirsch, Rebecca E., De-extinction :;the science of bringing lost species back to life
J 595.7 TU Turner, Matt, Flying creepy crawlers
J 612.82 SW Swanson, Jennifer, Brain games :;the mind-blowing science of your amazing brain
J 623.1 AR Arnold, Tedd, Fly guy presents :;castles
J 629.45 BA Baumann, Anne-Sophie, The ultimate book of space
J 641.5 CO Cook, Deanna F., Cooking class :;57 fun recipes kids will love to make (and eat!)
J 794.1 CH Chandler, Murray. How to beat your dad at chess
J 796 SC   Scholastic year in sports 2017
J 808.1 AL Alexander, Kwame, Out of wonder :;poems celebrating poets
J 808.1 AL Alexander, Kwame, Out of wonder :;poems celebrating poets
J 973.4 ST St. George, Judith, The duel :;the parallel lives of Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr
J 979.132 CH Chin, Jason, Grand Canyon
J BIO ANDREWS Andrews, Troy, Trombone Shorty
J BIO ANGELOU Labrecque, Ellen, Who was Maya Angelou?
J BIO CHAPLIN Demuth, Patricia, Who was Charlie Chaplin?
J BIO CLINTON, H. Alexander, Heather, Who is Hillary Clinton?
J BIO DYLAN O'Connor, Jim, Who is Bob Dylan?
J BIO GRIMM Reed, Avery, Who were the Brothers Grimm?
J BIO HAMILTON Kanefield, Teri, Alexander Hamilton :;the making of America
J BIO HENDRICKS Levinson, Cynthia, The youngest marcher :;the story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a young civil rights activist
J BIO HOLIDAY Golio, Gary Strange fruit :;Billie Holiday and the power of a protest song
J BIO JOAN OF ARC Pollack, Pam, Who was Joan of Arc?
J BIO JOHNSON Barton, Chris, Whoosh! :;Lonnie Johnson's super-soaking stream of inventions
J BIO KAHLO Fabiny, Sarah, Who was Frida Kahlo?
J BIO PHELPS Fishman, Jon M., Michael Phelps
J BIO STOOGES Pollack, Pam, Who were the Three Stooges?
J BIO WEBSTER Maurer, Tracy, Noah Webster's fighting words
J BIO WONDER Gigliotti, Jim, Who is Stevie Wonder?
J BOARD BABY Deneux, Xavier, Baby animals
J BOARD BATHTIME Sirett, Dawn. Bathtime peekaboo!
[Storytime] J BOARD BIG   Big dump truck
J BOARD BOOK Lemke, Donald B., Book-o-hats :;a wearable book
[Storytime] J BOARD BUS   Bus
J BOARD CITYBLOCK Franceschelli, Christopher, Cityblock
J BOARD CROCOPOTAMUS Murphy, Mary, Crocopotamus :;mix and match the wild animals!
J BOARD DINOSAURS Soumagnac, Virginie, Dinosaurs
[Storytime] J BOARD FIRE   Fire engine
[Storytime] J BOARD FIRE   Fire truck
J BOARD TRUCKS   Touch and feel :;trucks
J BOARD WHAT Testa, Maggie, What time is it, Daniel Tiger?
J BOARD WHEELS   The wheels on the bus
J BOARD WHO Yonezu, Yusuke, Who is smiling?
J BRALLIER Brallier, Max, The last kids on Earth and the zombie parade!
J CD FIC PATTERSON Patterson, James, Just my rotten luck
J CD MUSIC MOANA Mancina, Mark, Moana :;soundtrack
J DAIRMAN Dairman, Tara, All four stars
J EVANS Evans, Maz, Who let the gods out?
J FIC CD HUNT Hunt, Lynda Mullaly. Fish in a tree :;a novel
J GIBBS Gibbs, Stuart, Space case :;a Moon Base Alpha novel
J GRAPHIC BROWN Brown, Jeffrey, Lucy & Andy Neanderthal
J GRAPHIC FRIDOLFS Fridolfs, Derek, Secret hero society.;[Book 2],;Fort solitude
J GRAPHIC HALE Hale, Nathan, Big bad ironclad! :;a Civil War steamship showdown
[Series] J HUNTER Hunter, Erin, Moth Flight's vision
[Series] J HUNTER Hunter, Erin, Thunder and shadow
J KING King, A. S. Me and Marvin Gardens
J LAREAU LaReau, Kara, The Jolly Regina
J McDONALD McDonald, Megan, April fools', Mr. Todd!
J McMANN McMann, Lisa, The unwanteds quests :;dragon captives
J MYRACLE Myracle, Lauren, Wishing day
J MYS HAMMEL Hammel, Sara, The underdogs
[Series] J MYS WARNER Garretson, Dee, Journey on a runaway train
J OSBORNE Osborne, Mary Pope, Night of the ninth dragon
J PATTERSON Patterson, James, Middle School :;escape to Australia
J PBK STINE Stine, R. L., Slappy birthday to you
[Series] J PBK TRIPP Tripp, Valerie, Ashlyn's unsurprise party
[Series] J PBK TRIPP Tripp, Valerie, Camille's mermaid tale
J PENNYPACKER Pennypacker, Sara, Completely Clementine
J PLA Pla, Sally J., The someday birds
J RILEY Riley, James, The stolen chapters
J SEEGERT Seegert, Scott, Sci-Fi Junior High
J SUTHERLAND Sutherland, Tui, The brightest night
J WALLIAMS Walliams, David, Grandpa's great escape
J WATSON Watson, Jude, Sting
J WEEKS Weeks, Sarah, Save me a seat
J YEE Yee, Lisa, Batgirl at Super Hero High
J(E) ARNOLD Arnold, Tedd. Fly Guy meets Fly Girl!
J(E) ARNOLD Arnold, Tedd, Fly Guy presents weather
J(E) CAPUCILLI Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, Biscuit flies a kite
J(E) DEAN Dean, James, Pete the cat :;play ball!
J(E) DEAN Dean, James, Pete the cat's train trip
J(E) ELLIOTT Elliott, Rebecca, Warm Hearts Day
J(E) MANUSHKIN Manushkin, Fran, Cartwheel Katie
J(E) STAR WARS Fry, Jason, Secret mission
J(E) STAR WARS Rusu, Meredith, Always bet on Chopper
J(E) STAR WARS Schaefer, Elizabeth Rey meets BB-8
J(E) STAR WARS Siglain, Michael, Escape from Darth Vader
J(E) STAR WARS Siglain, Michael, Ewoks join the fight
JP BARNETT Barnett, Mac, Noisy night
JP BEE Bee, William, Stanley's store
JP BOTTNER Bottner, Barbara, Priscilla gorilla
JP BRILL Brill, Calista, Tugboat bill and the river rescue
JP COUSINS Cousins, Lucy, Maisy goes to the local bookstore
JP DAHL Dahl, Michael. Good morning, Superman!
JP FLIESS Fliess, Sue, A fairy friend
JP FROST Frost, Helen, Wake up!
JP GRAVETT Gravett, Emily, Tidy
JP HOSFORD Hosford, Kate, How the queen found the perfect cup of tea
JP ISADORA Isadora, Rachel, I just want to say good night
JP JACKSON Jackson, Richard, All ears, all eyes
JP JENKINS Jenkins, Emily, A greyhound, a groundhog
JP KNAPMAN Knapman, Timothy, Time now to dream
JP KRAEGEL Kraegel, Kenneth, Green pants
JP McMULLAN McMullan, Kate, Mama's kisses
JP MESHON Meshon, Aaron, Tools rule!
JP O'BRIEN O'Brien, Anne Sibley, Abracadabra, it's spring!
JP RICHMOND Richmond, Lori, Pax and Blue
JP SCHEFFLER Scheffler, Axel, Axel Scheffler's Flip flap safari
JP THONG Thong, Roseanne. Round is a tortilla :;a book of shapes
JP WELLS Wells, Rosemary Say Hello, Sophi
[Holiday] J 394.26 SE Sebra, Richard, It's St. Patrick's Day!
[Holiday] JP PEPPA   Peppa Pig and the Easter rainbow
J PBK BECAUSE   Because of Shoe and other dog stories
J PBK CALLAGHAN Callaghan, Cindy. Lost in Ireland
J PBK CALLAGHAN Callaghan, Cindy. Lost in London
J PBK KELLY Kelly, David A. The Capital catch
J PBK LORD Lord, Cynthia, Paloma
J PBK MADDOX Maddox, Jake. Horseback hurdles
J REF 031 WO   The world book year book
DVD COLLATERAL   Collateral beauty
DVD MISERABLES   Les miserables
DVD OFFICE   Office Christmas party
DVD PATRIOTS   Patriots Day
DVD PATRIOTS   Patriots Day
DVD WHY   Why him?
YA DVD SUICIDE   Suicide Squad
REF 348.744 MA   Massachusetts general laws annotated :;under arrangement of the official general laws of Massachusetts.;General index
REF 348.744 MA   Massachusetts general laws annotated :;under arrangement of the official general laws of Massachusetts.;General index
REF 348.744 MA   Massachusetts general laws annotated :;under arrangement of the official general laws of Massachusetts.;General index
[Sherborn shelf] REF 974.44 GR   Semi-annual monitoring report..., General Chemical Corporation, 133-138 Leland Street, Framingham, Massachusetts
YA CD MUSIC HURWITZ Hurwitz, Justin, La La Land :;original motion picture soundtrack
YA COLFER Colfer, Chris, Stranger than fanfiction
YA DENNARD Dennard, Susan, Windwitch
YA DONNELLY Donnelly, Jennifer, Lost in a book
YA GLASGOW Glasgow, Kathleen, Girl in pieces
YA GRANT Grant, Michael, Silver stars :;a Front lines novel
YA GRAPHIC NORTH North, Ryan, The unbeatable Squirrel Girl beats up the Marvel Universe!
YA HALE Hale, Shannon, The unbeatable squirrel girl.;Squirrel meets world
YA HICKMAN Hickman, Rachel, One silver summer
YA HOPKINS Hopkins, Ellen. The you I've never known
YA HOWARD Howard, A. G. Rose blood
YA JAE-JONES Jae-Jones, S., Wintersong
YA LACOUR LaCour, Nina. We are okay :;a novel
YA LATHAM Latham, Jennifer, Dreamland burning
YA O'NEILL O'Neill, Louise, Asking for it
YA ROE Roe, Robin, A list of cages
YA SAENZ Sáenz, Benjamin Alire, The inexplicable logic of my life :;a novel
YA THOMAS Thomas, Angie, The hate u give
YA THOMAS Thomas, Rhiannon, Long may she reign